Sticky Sweet

Dutch boys with a dream: Being real fans of many different rockbands from the 60’s to 90’s, Sticky Sweet is trying to create a new form of rock with a modern sound, while still learning from the gods of Rock music. On the 20th of april 2016, they formed their band and started paving their own path.


In June 2017 they won first place in the band competiton “Geheim van Babylon” at Babylon, Woerden (NL). They were also interviewed on air by Peter Kunnen from the Winkelwagenshow after the release of their single ‘S.O.S.’ in March 2018.

The main charactaristics of Sticky Sweet are good vibes with loud tones. Inspired by many different genres like punk, stonerrock, alternative rock but also funk and blues, their playstyle contains changing dynamics, from mellow and catchy rhythms to an energetic and intense sound.


They are currently recording lots of new singles and a few covers with videoclips, which will all be released soon!

When 23 years old lead singer and guitarist Lorenzo de Rooij picked up his first guitar, he found his passion. All he wants to do is keep making new music.





Inspired by bands and artists like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains, Van Halen, and many more, he writes passionate rock songs without beating around the bush. He finds his words hidden under the tones of his guitar riffs.






He currently plays mostly on his EVH guitar and sometimes picks up his Fender Stratocaster or his old love: the Gibson Les Paul. All of these guitars are used in the recordings of Sticky Sweet for the right guitar dynamics and sound!

For many years, bass guitarist and backing vocalist Riccardo Lebbink experimented with musical instruments until he got addicted to the bass guitar.

Bands as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tower of Power, Billy Talent, Lamb Of God and artists like Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten inspired his playstyle to be funky but steady, serving the songs with a cherry on top.

He also produces and engineers the band. Every recording take place in his studio, Last Lick Records. All Sticky Sweet songs are made and released indie style, but with much love effort and attention put into every record.

He currently plays a Marcus Miller Sire V7 bass guitar which provides groovy tones that blend perfectly with the songs of Sticky Sweet.

Started out playing in a high school band, drummer Bobby Timmers evolved to a rock drummer who plays steady, groovy and powerful.


His style changes from classic hardrock to alternative rock and everything in between. His drums glue the guitar riffs and basslines together as if they were meant to be.


Bobby is a real athlete which helps him to stay fit behind the drumkit.

A good vibe is essential during the live shows of Sticky Sweet. Their goal is to entertain everybody and let them dance, mosh and sing along. Next to their own songs, often several recognisable covers are played live. Check out their gigs on Facebook.. You’re going to be there, aren’t you?