Sticky Sweet – Going On

Jumpin’ from a rooftop straight to the ground
I know you love it when I make that sound
There’s not a moment that I don’t pass your mind
I know there’s a secret for me to find

I know you love it when I play the strings
It makes you do all those dirty things
I’ll get your love from all your hate
And then you scream for more as I vibrate
On top of me is where you’ll sit
Then we will make sure that I’ll fit
And I love the way you handle my gun
It feels like heaven when we’re going on

We’re going on (and on)

Stick my finger in the honey just to get you off
And I’ll keep going on cause you can’t get enough
Down under is where I’ll dine
And I’ll keep rocking so I can blow your mind


Sticky Sweet – SOS

I got fired so I’ve been feelin stressed out lately
But now I won’t stand down, make it through, maybe
It won’t matter cause I’m looking blue and feeling sore
Hope it gets better but I know it will get so worse

So I’m plannin my escape
And I will do whatever it takes
I clear my mind I hit the road
Get my fix and start the show

I tried to drown myself in tons of booze
Tried to free my mind, but the ropes prepared my noose
I’ve tried it all, but there is nothing I can do
Kicked my head around still it came back to you

The day I lost my brother I also lost my home
Supposed to stand together but now I’m standing all alone
I started cryin when I saw them put you six feet deep
I tried to find a way for you to trade your place with me